Our support for natural cosmetics and skincare

Organic cosmetics are a major trend, offering consumers the choice of consuming better for the environment and looking after their health with natural products. Cosmetic products have been using the virtues associated with plants for centuries.

Natural cosmetics fit in perfectly with local activities and the ecological transition. This is all the more true given that it uses very little water, with the possibility of producing cosmetic products without water, and that it uses few preservatives and no toxic ingredients derived from hydrocarbons, silicones, parabens or other polluting manufacturing methods. In addition, concerns about the non-use of animals in the manufacture of products for human consumption are encouraging the development of this sector.

Slow cosmetics, responsible cosmetics, farm-to-face, organic labels, vegan, cosmos organic, both at home and in business, natural cosmetics and skincare are winning over a growing number of people. Spending on natural cosmetics and personal care products is constantly rising. The profile of buyers is also changing, reaching out to new consumers. Natural cosmetics, with their promise of traceable ingredients, are a great way to start up a craft business. Do-it-yourself cosmetics have also become an individual activity for many consumers. 

Calendula, mallow, sage, camomile, linden, lavender, arnica... are all part of our landscape. Whether cultivated or gathered from the wild, the range of plants is vast. Oil, an essential ingredient in the production of cosmetics, is increasingly being sourced locally, thanks to the creation of traditional mills. Plants and oils from other parts of the world also offer an infinite variety of possibilities for creating original recipes.

Ask for advice on planting aromatic herbs.

Natural cosmetics and skincare products made by hand in small batches from quality ingredients require precise know-how. In addition, communication and marketing skills are essential in this sector of activity to reach its target markets. 

Tailor-made support and advice for the production of natural cosmetics based on aromatic and medicinal plants

Craft cosmetics manufacturers have to master the entire chain from A to Z: production, purchasing of 'organic' raw materials, selling in a restrictive regulatory context identical to that of industrial manufacturers, they also have to be creative and to have a flair for marketing.

It's not always easy to master everything, especially when you're starting up your business. Lokal Eko's expert natural cosmetics manufacturers can help you with the regulatory and scientific aspects (preparation of the product information file), laboratory layout, formulation, manufacturing techniques, the economics of your business, business organisation, or to help you with your development project.

Example of support for making natural cosmetics from aromatic and medicinal plants (wild or cultivated)

In addition to a course or training, calling on our consultants means finding answers to all your questions:

  • What dosage of plants should be used in a balm?
  • Which plants are authorised for use in cosmetics?
  • How to source local ingredients?
  • What packaging should I use for my cosmetics?
  • How do I set my selling prices?

Experts in the manufacture of natural cosmetics and natural skincare products

Meet our craftsmen/experts for answers to your questions, advice and personalised support in making natural cosmetics...