Our support for agro-biological production of fruit and vegetables, plants and cereals

Food production methods now account for more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions in the food chain, well ahead of processing methods or the transport of products. 

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that reducing their carbon footprint means eating more organic food, both individually and collectively. Demand for organic, local, quality fruit and vegetables from certified channels such as Organic Farming or committed channels such as the Nature et Progrès label in France is set to increase. 

Producing using agroecology, organic farming, agroforestry, permaculture and conservation agriculture methods is a major challenge if we are to make a success of the ecological and economic transition. To achieve this, project developers or farmers wishing to change their practices need to be able to rely on the support of an expert arboriculturist or receive advice from a market gardener, for example.

The greatest potential for reducing environmental impact lies in agriculture. Small-scale farming or peasant farming helps to conserve natural resources, limits the use of energy-intensive plant protection products and therefore puts less pressure on the environment.

Monoculture has no place here. The ecosystems of each crop are assets for maintaining an overall systemic balance. Adding a small livestock operation to fruit and vegetable production is also very beneficial in terms of making the most of all the functions offered by the ecosystems in place.

By using natural fertilisers such as compost and manure or other plant-based fertilisers, our farmers and peasants encourage the life of bacteria and fungi in the soil, providing the nutrients needed for the proper development of trees and other plants. Years of experimentation to obtain the best yields have been carried out in their own fields.

These committed market gardeners and arboriculturists are moving away from a mono-cultural system: they are combining different plants and introducing crop rotation on small areas. But that's not enough. Working efficiently, choosing the right tools, establishing a local presence and mastering marketing methods are some of the skills that need to be mastered. 

Our organic and agro-ecological fruit and vegetable producers also have a strong link with their local area. They sell their products locally or directly to processors, restaurants, local authorities and private individuals via producers' shops, markets, direct sales, etc.

Tailor-made support and advice for the production of agricultural products (fruit, vegetables, cereals, plants, etc.)

Respecting biological balances and maintaining biodiversity are central to agro-ecological production systems. Knowledge in this area is therefore essential. But we still need to find the right expertise for diversified, small (micro) or medium-sized structures, taking into account the soil and climate conditions and the objectives (economic, social and ecological).

To get started and achieve technical success in farm production, you will need to be able to manage and control several crops on the same farm and understand how ecosystems work.

To save you time and money, you can call on our network of expertise to provide you with all the know-how you need to run a successful agricultural business.

Our expertise in the production of fruit and vegetables, cereals and plants (aromatic, medicinal, tinctorial, perfumed, edible...)

Our farmers, market gardeners and arboriculturists will advise you throughout your project to set up your own business or run a leisure activity on : Soil life and biodiversity (plant and animal), which form the basis of quality production and minimise the risk of plant diseases, soil analysis, choice of varieties (old varieties and/or varieties less susceptible to disease), not tilling the soil, observation (to make the right diagnosis and consider natural plant-based treatments (decoction, infusion or herbal tea, purin, essential oils).

You can also find out more about our support for fruit and vegetable processing, or the production of animal products (meat, eggs, honey, etc.).

Experts in local agricultural production: fruit, vegetables, plants, cereals, etc.

Managers of permaculture micro-farms, market gardeners, arboriculturists, poultry farmers, producers of PPAM, vets specialized in natural care, will help you solve your problems and prepare your projects. They're there at the right time, when you need them.

Our commitment: to help all those who want to run an agro-ecological (micro)farm to make progress on a daily basis.


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