Any questions about how the platform works?

Lokal Eko has selected artisans/experts capable of responding to the problems encountered by small-scale players (craftsmen, farmers) involved in the local and ecological economy.
You can ask your question directly to one of the craftsmen/experts or let the administrator direct you to the most appropriate expert.
The expert or administrator will quote you a price for the answer to your question. If you accept, the craftsman/expert will get back to you within 48 working hours of validating and paying for the question.
You can chat with the craftsman/expert, download and exchange documents, and talk to him by phone. Once your question has been answered, you confirm the service provided by closing the question.
You can keep a record of your questions and answers in your account.

Ask your question anyway; we'll search our network for the right person for you and keep you informed within 48 hours.

The administrator may refuse your question if they considers that none of the expert craftsmen are able to answer your question or if it does not meet the conditions for using Lokal Eko.
If you think this is a mistake, please contact us by WhatsApp on +33 (0)6 77 88 72 73

Sign up to Lokal Eko if you haven't created your account yet. Once logged in, Go to "My account" and then "My credits". Enter the gift code that has been sent to you. The amount paid will be automatically credited to your account.

A third party (e.g. a training centre or a business start-up support organisation) has prepaid a package giving you access to the service.
You do not have an Lokal Eko account: you can sign up and enter the code sent to you by the third-party organisation. Your account will automatically be credited with the number of seeds charged to it.
You already have an Lokal Eko account: Go to your Dashboard and then to 'My trainers' to enter the membership code sent to you by the third-party organisation..

Seeds can be used to ask questions to the artisans/experts selected by the third-party organisation that sent you the affiliation code. This selection is displayed in your dashboard, under the 'My trainers' tab.Seeds are valid for one year (general case) from the time they are credited to your account. Lokal Eko.

The affiliation code sent to you by the third-party organisation is time-limited. After the deadline, you can still register, but you cannot benefit from seeds.
If you think this is a mistake, please contact the third party who sent you the code.

You can contact us to make a complaint. If, after analysis, it turns out that the answer was not satisfactory, you will be re-credited for the amount paid for the question.

Has it been more than 48 hours since you paid for your question, and you haven't heard back? You can contact us by WhatsApp on +33 (0)6 77 88 72 73

You can pay for your questions in two ways: with € credit or with seeds.
Seeds are pre-paid by a third party (a training centre or business start-up support organisation, for example) to give you access to the service. They are linked to a list of artisans/experts and are valid for one year.
The € pot is funded by you or by a gift card. It can be used with all the expert craftsmen.

Are you a craftsman specialising in the local and sustainable economy? Are you an expert in your field who thinks you can answer users' questions?
You can send us your application by email to with a description of your activity/expertise and we will get back to you to discuss it.