Veterinary advice, animal health and welfare

Animals have existed in the world for millions of years. Some of them are domesticated. Within this category, we find what we commonly call farm animals, pets, sports animals and so on.

They have helped us a great deal through the ages: draught horses and donkeys for farming, transport or as military tools... They provide us with some of our food, in particular proteins through milk, eggs and meat, and provide us with many other services. In a world where fossil fuels are scarce, they are even more precious. They also provide us with the manure and fertilisers we need to run agro-ecological farms or micro-farms. And finally, through their company, they bring us affection. 

We owe them a great deal. So it's only natural to take care of them and thank them for the benefits they bring us. 

It's also possible to give your pets home-made traditional therapeutic treatments based on local plants (advice on planting aromatic herbs). This contributes to an overall improvement without altering their habitat.

Our support and tailor-made advice on animal health and welfare

Our aim is to give your farm animals a better quality of life, by offering you alternatives in production, management, feeding, facilities and equipment, reproduction and genetics.

Our experts have developed their activities, their professionalism, their creativity and a high level of efficiency in order to succeed. They have themselves faced many questions and obstacles when setting up and often organise training courses. They are therefore in a position to provide support to project owners wishing to launch their own business or to the general public looking for solutions to their problems.

Lokal Eko's craftsmen, vets, agricultural engineers, consultants and animal welfare experts guide breeders, craftsmen and owners to help you successfully run your farms or look after your animals. They support you in your various concerns and questions relating to veterinary and agronomic engineering, care and feeding.

They will work with you to find solutions to the many problems you encounter with your animals. The discussion with one of Lokal Eko's professionals is accompanied, if necessary, by the observation of photos or videos sent via the platform, enabling the problem to be quickly identified and a solution proposed.

Our expertise in animal welfare

The veterinary advice, answers and solutions given to users are based on the experience of the network's professionals and on proven scientific studies. They are committed to respecting the care practices of the 5 freedoms that govern animal welfare :

  • freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition,
  • freedom from fear and anxiety,
  • freedom from physical or thermal discomfort,
  • freedom from pain, injury or disease
  • freedom to express the behaviours and behavioural patterns typical of their species.

See also our advice on processing medicinal plants (creating creams, balms and sprays from wild or cultivated plants).

Our experts in animal breeding and animal welfare

They can advise you on feeding, natural care, the layout of animal living areas, etc.